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Stumpt! is a family-owned and -operated escape room and murder mystery event business located in the heart of the Rogue Valley near Historic Downtown Medford. We specialize in fun & adventure for adults, kids, teens, and work groups!

Visit our 60-minute escape room adventures “The Crash” and “The Last Straw” with live actors at 828 South Central Avenue, browse our calendar for upcoming murder mystery events and Zombie Outbreak mobile escape game appearances, or contact us to plan a private Zombie Outbreak escape room or murder mystery event.

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More About Stumpt!

Escape Rooms with Live Actors

Stumpt! escape games are a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends and family. Every Stumpt! escape room is hosted by a live actor, who plays a character in the storyline. This creates a more immersive & fun experience while eliminating cumbersome communication equipment like computer screens and walkie-talkies. It also allows for creative clue-giving. Our escape rooms are challenging! Make them more challenging by refusing clues from our game hosts, or ask for as many as you like! Either way, if you do not beat the clock in time, we allow you to finish the game. We are focused on giving every single group the best possible experience and will not rush you out the door to make way for the next booking.

Russian hackers have infiltrated a server at the notorious National Security Agency and planted a malicious virus designed to crash the power grid across North America. Can your team of IT experts locate and eliminate the threat before it’s too late?

Now booking at 828 S Central Ave in Medford Learn more >>>

While on a stroll down a sunny country lane, a fresh breeze blows a tattered note across the road. “Help, I’m stuck in Farmer Ken’s barn”. Like a good neighbor, you head to the farm at the end of the dirt road to help and what you find is... quite curious.

Now booking at 828 S Central Ave in Medford Learn more >>>

A deadly contagion is sending victims in droves to nearby hospitals. The Department of Disease Control is sending in your team of infectious disease experts to contain the threat before it's too late. The fate of humanity is in your hands!

Zombie Outbreak is a 15-minute pop-up escape room appearing at local events. It is also available for private rentals and company parties.

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Murder Mystery Parties

Want to do something fun and outside the norm? Here’s an idea…

A Stumpt! Mystery Party is the perfect way to spend quality time with friends & family, holiday parties with co-workers, or for your child’s next birthday! We offer an ongoing event series starting at different locations around the Rogue Valley and we organize private events for groups of 12 to 112!

We have more than 30 themes to choose from, including:

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A Speakeasy Murder Web 540 x 360.png

Our murder mystery event series begins in May - tickets available soon! Join our newsletter to stay tuned or contact us about throwing your own private murder mystery party!

Upcoming Events & Promotions

Location & Hours


Escape rooms are available to book 7 days/week by reservation with the exception of certain holidays and occasional Monday closures for staff meetings & maintenance. Click the “Book” button next to each escape room description to view the schedule. Go to Escape Rooms >>>

Box Office Hours (in-store reservations and mystery party ticket sales): Friday - Sunday, 3 pm - 7 pm

Online reservations are possible up until 2 hours prior to the scheduled booking. Walk-ins and last-minute phone bookings are accommodated if a game host is immediately available.

Reservations are available 7 days/week

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