Stumpt! Escape Rooms are designed to serve one purpose: FUN!

Our escape rooms are challenging, yet not hard enough to frustrate! The game host in every Stumpt! Escape Room is a live actor playing a character in the story line. This not only facilitates a more immersive and adventurous experience, but also allows the host to make the game easier or harder through creative clue giving, depending on the ages of the participants and their experience with escape rooms.

Stumpt! Escape Rooms are a perfect way to spend quality time with family & friends. They are fantastic for a unique date night and even as a team-building activity with your co-workers! We offer special rates during the weekday for corporate bookings.


Zombie Outbreak is a 15-minute pop-up escape room appearing at public events and is also available for private parties and corporate bookings.

Story: A mysterious and disturbing contagion is sweeping through the Valley! It’s up to you and … learn more >>>


The Last Straw is a 60-minute escape game suitable for all ages.

Story: While out for a stroll on a back country road, you notice a fallen bird’s nest with a note scrawled in child-like handwriting… learn more >>>


The Crash is a 60-minute escape game designed for ages 13+.

Story: The world is descending into chaos as a computer virus threatens to shut down the net across the globe… learn more >>>

Stumpt! Mystery Parties

Want to do something fun and outside the norm? Here’s an idea…

A Stumpt! Mystery Party is perfect for spending quality time with friends & family, holiday parties with co-workers, or for your child’s next birthday! We offer an ongoing event series at different locations around the Rogue Valley and we organize private events for groups of 12 to 112!

Featured event…