Stumpt! is launching a B2B service for fellow escape room owners and other commercial entertainers

***Five ready-to-go murder mystery games now available for pre-order for commercial customers***

Host Murder Mystery Events

Stumpt! has partnered with Freeform Games LLP to create and fulfill ready-to-go murder mystery games for commercial customers. We offer two options: 1) digital materials for self-service as needed or 2) printed materials sent directly to you. Both options come with a valuable set of complementary tools for helping you promote and host mystery parties, supplemented with an array of add-on services to save you time and money.

Mystery parties fit right in with the escape room business:

  • Leverage your existing fan base to generate repeat business

  • Attract new customers to your escape rooms or other entertainment venture

  • Maximize revenue during the busy season and supplement during seasonal slumps

  • Use your own space if you have it or recruit a network of host venues

  • Sell tickets for special public events or only

Promoting and hosting murder mystery events is now a snap with Stumpt! enhanced game materials and our impressive array of complementary and add-on services. Basic packages include:

  • All game materials, either shipped to you directly, ready to play out of the box or digital files set-up for easy printing on demand

  • 8% discount on commercial game licenses from Freeform Games, the creator of our current line-up of mystery themes - one-time and 5-year unlimited license options available

  • All Freeform game materials offered by Stumpt! have been revised and localized for the US market as well as completely redesigned for an enhanced user experience, from promotions to prep to game play.

  • Tons of complementary perks like promotional graphics, tools & templates for customer correspondence and character assignments, the Stumpt! Guide to Building a Successful Murder Mystery Business, and many more.

  • Valuable add-on services and premium packages available

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The following themes are available for shipment by September 1:

Casino Fatale

A Speakeasy Murder

Way Out West

Halloween Lies will be ready for shipment by September 15.

The Night Before Christmas will be available for shipment by November 15.

Introductory OFFER: 25% off all orders placed by August 31!