An “escape room” is an indoor immersive adventure game consisting of a series of puzzles that follow a common theme. Players work as a team to find clues and solve puzzles to achieve the objective of the game before time runs out. A game host helps with clues when needed and keeps the game on track.

What is an escape room?

No. We do not lock the door and players may easily and quickly exit at anytime and the exit is not hidden. The objective of a Stumpt! escape room is to beat the clock.

Will I really be locked inside?

Stumpt! escape rooms do not have small or confined spaces. The Crash and The Last Straw are single, fairly large rooms. If you are concerned about claustrophobia, we welcome you to visit us for a tour. We are happy to show you the escape rooms without giving away any of the puzzles.

Should I be concerned about claustrophobia?

The Crash and The Last Straw do not have any frightening content at all. They are dimly lit for atmosphere, however, overhead lights are available if guests would like more light. Young children typically feel comfortable in these rooms. Zombie Outbreak has a small amount of gore and is recommended for ages 13 and up.

Are your escape rooms scary?

Absolutely! Children of all ages are welcome to explore and participate in The Crash and The Last Straw, although younger children will need assistance from an older player, since the puzzles are designed to challenge adults. Our in-character game hosts can help make the game easier (or harder) through creative clue giving. Zombie Outbreak is designed for ages 13+. Younger players are welcome with parental consent.

Are your escape rooms good for kids?

Children ages 5 and under are free and do not count against the room maximum. Please inform us if you plan to have more than three kids 5 and under in your group.

Children and teens 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult — at least 1 adult per group.

What is your age policy?

Our escape games are challenging and we don’t “rig” things so that every team wins just in time. Our primary goal, however, is to provide our guests with a fun & memorable experience. If your team fails to beat the clock, you are welcome to finish the game. We do not rush you out the door to prepare for the next group. Our escape room schedule is designed to provide you with the best possible experience, including extended game time if you need as well as time for explaining the puzzles and taking photos.

What happens if we lose?

Yes. Please contact us if your group is larger than 10 for special accommodations.

Do you offer group & corporate rates?

We do not currently offer a separate space for birthday parties and other group functions, however, escape rooms are a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion. Special group rates and scheduling outside normal hours are available. Contact us for information.

Do you host birthday parties?


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