Private Murder Mystery Parties


Stumpt! Escape Games partners with Freeform Games to create an unparalleled murder mystery experience. Our enhanced game materials and experience organizing and hosting events will elevate your party to the next level. A Stumpt! Mystery Party is not dinner theatre - it is a fully interactive experience where every guest plays the role of a unique character, complete with their own goals, secrets, clues, and abilities.

Booking your party

Step 1: Determine how many people will be participating.

Step 2: Pick a theme

Step 3: Decide whether you would like Stumpt! to host your party or just supply the materials including host instructions.

Step 4: Request a Quote!*

Step 5: Invite your guests and get ready to have some fun!

*If you would like help selecting a venue or arranging catering for your party, we will contact you to discuss before providing a quote.


Self-host option: $15/person plus shipping costs

What’s included with the self-host option: a personal game license from Freeform Games, all materials needed to play the game including a character booklet with items cards/money, and a name badge for every participant; the host’s booklet with detailed instructions; a digital version of the host’s instructions for easier use on a smartphone or tablet; a digital invitation you can email to your guests; character casting worksheets and tools; email support in case of any questions about the game or assistance with casting.

Stumpt! Game Host option: $28/person

$300/$400 minimum (Rogue valley/other regions)

What’s included: all materials needed to play the game including a character booklet with item cards/money and a name badge for every participant; character casting worksheets and tools; a costumed Stumpt! Game Host (and co-host for larger games) to guide your group through the game and facilitate a fun and memorable experience.

Venue Rentals & Catering Arrangements

With a broad (and growing) network of venue and catering partners, Stumpt! is happy to help organize the venue and catering for your party. We charge an event organizing fee of 15% of the total venue and catering charges.

After booking your party

Once you select a theme and make your reservation, each of your guests will need to be assigned a unique character. To accomplish this task, we provide you with a variety of handy tools including a Murder Mystery Persona Survey, a character assignment worksheet as well as casting and costume tips. Once you have completed your casting, simply send out your character assignments to each of your guests (we even provide you with an email template). For a small additional fee, we can handle all of this work for you as long as you provide us with your guests’ email addresses.

At the party

Upon arrival, each guest is supplied with their game materials including a detailed character booklet, item cards and money (if applicable), and name badges.

Guests typically have 30-45 minutes to read through their game materials and enjoy some refreshments before the official start of the game. Game play lasts 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the group size (the larger the group, the longer the game will take). There are plenty of opportunities for guests to eat and drink and relax. We always recommend finger foods or buffet style meals so guests can move about freely to mingle. Expect your event to take longer if you would like to serve a plated meal.

What to expect from game play

While every game is different, there are many commonalities from theme to theme. Each character booklet provides a brief backstory that is known to every player. The bulk of the information in each character booklet, however, is private to each individual player. With secrets, clues, and abilities known only to them, characters are challenged to achieve a set of unique goals before the end of the game. This usually includes solving a primary murder or other crime (or attempting to avoid justice if you are the culprit or an accomplice) as well as other goals. You can expect blackmail, alliance forming, backstabbing, and fighting! All of which is done in a safe and controlled environment, of course.

Guest expectations and conduct

The mission of Stumpt! is to facilitate fun and memorable experiences. This includes, of course, ensuring the safety and comfort of each and every guest. To this end, we expect participants to adhere to our game rules as well as sign a waiver prior to starting the game. A parent or guardian is required to sign a waiver for participants 18 years of age and younger. For insurance purposes, we are unable start a game until all participants have completed their waivers, which are sent out in advance and are also available at the event.

Self-host option

A self-host option is available for all games. However, we do not recommend this because learning the game materials, organizing, and then hosting can be an immense undertaking. If you do wish to host the game yourself, we provide you with all the materials you need as well as organizational support leading up to your event. For parties larger than 12 guests, we recommend enlisting a co-host.

Still have questions? Contact us!