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Leave quickly. You will be taken to the BBC News website - this is in case you don't want someone to see you on this website. Any image of yourself that you send, can and might be shared by the person you sent it to. Once you press send, it is no longer in your control. It can be sent on to anyone or posted anywhere on the internet. It could end up on social networking sites or even porn sites.


According to a nationwide report Eaton led, nonconsensual porn has been a growing phenomenon for the last 10 years.

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And while victims such as Taylor — most often women — suffer worse mental and physical health outcomes than non-victims, many are unaware of resources available to them and lack legal recourse. The increasing prevalence of nonconsensual porn, especially among emerging adults, is likely to continue as people adopt information technologies at higher rates than before the pandemic.

Women are almost twice as likely as men to be victimized, and men are twice as likely as women to be the perpetrators.

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According to the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative CCRIa non-profit dedicated to combating online abuse, 46 states have laws against nonconsensual porn, but no federal law prohibits it. Others require proof the perpetrator intended to harm the victim, which is difficult to prove and not always true. After all, involuntary manslaughter is still a crime even though it does not require malicious intent.

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One way to advocate for stronger laws is to clarify the theory underlying the phenomenon: Does nonconsensual porn fit into the category of intimate partner violence or is it another form of cyberbullying? In a study published earlier this year in the journal of Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, Eaton and her coauthors examined whether nonconsensual porn perpetrated within intimate relationships contains the common features of intimate partner violence.

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The researchers found that nonconsensual porn includes all eight features of power and control that characterize domestic violence, especially emotional abuse, coercion and threats, and denial, blame and minimization. Victims of nonconsensual porn have more resources today than inTaylor says.

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The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative website and crisis helplinefor example, provide advice and information about state laws and resources, including how to de-escalate situations, get photos taken down and find local mental health resources. Eaton hopes that reconceptualizing nonconsensual porn as a form of intimate partner violence might have an impact on policy that could help victims seek justice.

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Years of therapy helped Taylor heal, but the incident caused extreme psychological and physical stress. It even derailed her career in the music industry. Taylor returned to school to earn a psychology degree and has since worked for non-profit organizations helping victims of nonconsensual porn and domestic violence.

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Vanessa Vieites is a Ph. Her research focuses on spatial memory and the brain in young children. Vieites was mentored by Tara Haelle. Hero image by Pexels from Pixabay.

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Vanessa Vieites. Tara Haelle Credit: Jim Coventry.

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If your child has sent a nude, what steps should you take and what support can you expect from local agencies?


If you are under 18 and someone is sharing a nude intimate image of you, there ARE steps you can take.


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