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Story from Sex. If your only reference points for orgies are the Seinfeld episode where Jerry Seinfeld has an existential crisis about becoming an "orgy guy," or the infamous True Blood orgy of season 2then chances are you have questions. Given these varied and exaggerated representations of group sexyou might be wondering: what even is an orgy? This is a completely valid question.

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Technically, an orgy is a sexual encounter that involves multiple participants who freely engage in open sexual activities, says Sadie Allison, PhD, sexologist, author of Tickle His Pickle and founder of sex toy boutique TickleKitty. An orgy is one type of sex party that involves group sex, but there are other types of sex partiessuch as swingers' parties, rainbow partiesor daisy chain parties, she says.

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At an orgy, participants might have intercourse, oral sex, role-playuse sex toysand more. Similarly, there's not really a solid rule as to how many people constitute an orgy.

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Allison says. The only real "golden rule" for an orgy is that orgy participants have to set boundaries beforehand to determine what's acceptable for all parties, she says. People have all kinds of reasons for pursuing an orgy, including a simple love of sex and desire to "indulge in the most profound ways," Dr. Some couples go to orgies together to spice up their relationship and keep it fresh, interesting, and hot, she says.

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If you want to experience an orgy for yourself or with your partner, go for it. Allison says the best way to hear about orgies is through word of mouth or online. Checking swinger lifestyle dating sites such as adultfriendfinder.

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And if there are still variables that you don't quite understand, there's nothing wrong with asking someone. Once, when we were having sex, I caught my atte. We were sitting at a terrazzo-to.

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Shortly after I moved to L. She brought a housewarming gift with her: a ta. Some people stuck to video and.

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Find a Threesome is a great place to start.


Enthusiasts and adventurist s alike gather in clubs, hotels, and private places to have hot, steamy sex with multiple people at once.


An orgy involves indulgence in intimate activities with different people present in the party.


There actually is no specific sex website to my knowledge that caters to those interested in the type of online orgy featured on the show, even though they happen in cyberspace all the time.