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Log in. Story in OP. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Jul 10, Alright guys: This girl really wants to peg me, she texting me all the time talkin about how she wants to put it in my ass and i hear ass play is great Anyone got any stories of this happening to them, or someone amber rose they asshole? I'll let yall know if i go through with it.


What's new New posts New profile posts. Log in. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Install the app. How do I tell my girlfriend I want her to peg me? Forums Kinks Femdom.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jan 9, 36 6 8. Lately I have been very curious about getting pegged. How should I ask her to do it? I was thinking about just buying her a strap on and giving it to her as a gift.

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We have experimented with ass play a little bit. Reactions: LoyalSub69 and 1sillyme.

Girl wants to peg me *update: got pegged. story in op

Aug 19, 43 95 You are just going to have to talk to her. Sit down when no sex is happening and don't lead into sex. Just sit and talk about it. Tell her that you are interested in being pegged and want to know what she thinks since she would be doing the pegging.

Honestly if you can't just talk to her about what you want then you need to get that figured out. Communication is super important in a non-kinky relationship and it is also very important in a kinky one. Also as a side note you will probably want to make sure to buy a small strap on at first so that you don't get hurt.

Dec 9, 6 6 3 New York www. Reactions: The king. Oct 5, 0. And baby steps.

Girl wants to peg me *update: got pegged. story in op

I would suggest you guide her hand to your butt and get a finger in there Apr 22, 16 10 3. I wouldnt straight up buy her a strap on. If you have already tried anal and she knows you like it just ask. Personal I would wait tell after you have sex where she has given you the finger and she cums too. Then tell her how much you like anal and how you want to try more. It should be easy to move the conversation to toys and pegging and you can gauge her reaction as you go.

Then if she is game you can shop for a strap on together. Jan 7, 3 0 1 Santa Rosa. If she knows you like ass play it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

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Aug 6, 46 45 Maybe take her to the sex store and linger in that area Reactions: Atul Jan 31, 9 3 3. Talking to her about it could be a good start. Once you've come to an agreement, take baby steps! Include some ass play next time you're together and make sure she notices how much you like it that's what my boyfriend did! Once you guys are done talk about it again and mention the things you liked it. Talking so much may sound lame but honestly, communication is key!

Make sure you're both on the same and who knows, maybe soon you'll be at the sex store buying new things. Reactions: Spd Jan 31, 28 7 3.

Check out the best-selling strap-ons you can buy on amazon:

Jan 31, 20 10 1. I agree on friends here that communication is what makes a relationship strong. You need to say your opinion on what type of preference to be able to know her thoughts about it. It always best to show respect and understanding. I think it's always best to do ways that enhance your interaction and it must be agreed upon both parties.

To have safer and engaging activity. Jan 31, 6 1 1. I think that it is a good idea to talk to our girlfriend whenever we want something her to do for us since I know that she will understand it especially if we will discuss it to her properly.

How do i tell my girlfriend i want her to peg me?

We need to tell everything that we want to do so that we will have a clear and harmonious relationship with each other to avoid any discomfort or problems that may arise along the way. Jan 31, 7 3 3. It may help if you're both open to sharing your preferences to each other. Try to set a date where you can just be honest and tell each other about things. Maybe there's something she wants to try that she's embarrassed to tell you, or maybe she's already noticed your preferences and just hasn't found the right time to bring it up.

Dialogue is key, and if she does express her discomfort, don't push her. Jan 31, 9 0 1. Actually, it has been cited that anal play for men has healthy benefits.

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So just research about it and let her understand it from that standpoint. There's nothing wrong with it and sex is about pleasure and giving way. As a sub, if a dom asks me to peg him, I'll do it and look at it as a command. Feb 1, 7 2 1. If you two are close and love each other I see no harm. Couples shouldn't have any secrets at all, so just go for it and tell her.

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Would be worse if you had to suffer by not telling. Feb 1, 7 0 1.

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Communicate about it and it will leas you to it. Just as easy as that. A little update.

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I took every ones advice. We sat down and I made her a nice dinner and told her what I wanted. I was super nervous at first, but she was incredibly open to it. That night we drove to a sex shop and picked one out together.

I pegged my boyfriend and now he wants to be ‘the girl’

She says she had no idea how much she would like it, but she loves using it on me. So thank you to everyone. Jun 14, 5 0 1 How about you try being an adult and speak to her about it.

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