What is an escape room?

An “escape room” is an indoor immersive adventure game consisting of a series of puzzles that follow a common theme. Players work as a team to find clues and solve puzzles to achieve the objective of the game before time runs out. A game host helps with clues when needed and keeps the game on track.

Will I really be locked inside?

No. We do not lock the doors and players may exit at anytime. The objective of a Stumpt! escape room is to beat the clock.

I don’t like confined spaces. Will I feel claustro-phobic?

Stumpt! escape rooms do not have any small or confined spaces. The Crash and The Last Straw are single, fairly large rooms. If you are concerned about claustrophobia, we welcome you to visit us for a tour. We are happy to show you the escape rooms without giving away any of the puzzles.