Giveaway: Self-Host Murder Mystery Game for 14

To celebrate achieving 500 Facebook Likes and promote the launch of our new Self-Host Murder Mystery Game Packs, we are giving away away an out-of-the-box murder mystery game for 10-14 players, a value of $252! 

How to Enter:

1. Make sure you ‘Like’ our Facebook page (Stumpt Escape Games)

2. Find our Giveaway Post and Tag at least 3 friends you’ll invite to play the game with you 

3. Earn a double entry when you also share the GIVEAWAY post

4. Encourage your friends to like our page and enter so you’ll improve your chances of getting to play the game (let’s hope your friends invite you if they win)

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm on August 30 and the winner will be announced on August 31.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The prize is 14 game packs plus host instructions as well as all other materials needed to play the game (with the exception of pens for taking notes, costumes, decorations, etc.)

  • The prize is restricted to the theme “Way Out West,” a western themed mystery game for ages 15+

  • Upgrades for extra game packs or a Stumpt! Game Host (locally) are possible welcome

  • The game will be shipped directly to you on or before September 15

Good luck!

Out-Of-The-Box Murder Mystery Games Available Soon!

Stumpt! is preparing to launch an online store by the end of August where customers will be able to purchase out-of-the-box versions of our popular murder mystery game materials for self-hosted parties.

Three themes will be available initially: A Speakeasy Murder, Casino Fatale, and Way Out West with Halloween Lies and The Night Before Christmas and then additional themes ready for release shortly thereafter.

The mystery games we offer are created by UK-based Freeform Games. In the context of a joint collaboration, Stumpt! has begun the revision and localization of Freeform’s game materials for the US market and is creating its own game materials using Freeform’s localized content. Stumpt! is on commercial contract with the company to fulfill orders for physical game materials. All games sold through Stumpt! include a private usage license from Freeform Games.

The out-of-the-box games will include all materials needed to host and play the game (with the exception of pens for taking notes): a unique character booklet for each player, name badge and lanyard, item cards and money (if applicable), host instructions (digital + print versions), and a digital reading file so the party organizer can prepare for hosting their game in advance without “using” any of the game materials. Further, game packages will also include complementary materials and tools to help the customer prepare for and organize their party. For example: character assignment worksheets, digital invites, and email templates for corresponding with your guests. 

In addition to creating the localized and “enhanced game materials,” Stumpt! is also creating different versions of each theme to suit different groups sizes. For example, if a game accommodates 15 to 32 players, but only 15 people will be playing, the extra characters are removed from the storyline for improved gameplay. Further, customers only need to order for the number of character packs they actually need. Pre-orders will be accepted soon! Email us if you would like to be notified when orders are being accepted.

A Speakeasy Murder Mystery Dinner Menu for May 19th @ Paschal Winery & Vineyard!

We are so excited for this rendition of A Speakeasy Murder. The setting at Paschal Winery & Vineyard is absolutely gorgeous and the folks there are outstanding hosts as well as connoisseurs of the most delicious wines and cuisines! They have helped us to enlist Dancing Cats Catering to tantalize and satisfy your taste buds.

And the setting! Wow! The primary space we will be using to host this event actually looks like a speakeasy - the perfect setting to dine while scheming and plotting with your fellow guests! Plus, the relaxing and beautiful property surrounding the winery, complete with vineyards, pond, and the southern valley skyline will surely be the setting for some fantastic memories.

Here is the menu for this exclusive event! Dinner will be served buffet style so guests have plenty of opportunity to socialize and eat casually while playing the game. We can’t wait to share this experience with you!

Who’s hungry now?

Who’s hungry now?

A Speakeasy Murder Mystery Dinner Menu for May 11th @ Bigham Knoll!

Mmmm, German food….

Our co-founder Evan Wilson knows good German food. After all, he lived in Munich for two years! So take it from him, Frau Kemmling Schoolhaus Brewhaus knows what they’re doing when it comes to crafting authentic Bavarian cuisine - one of the reasons we selected the Bigham Knoll Campus as a venue location for our A Speakeasy Murder mystery party.

If you’ve never visited the Bigham Knoll campus, you are missing out! It is the site of an historic schoolhouse and now home to the best European cuisine in Southern Oregon… it also houses a number of beautiful event spaces perfect for a murder mystery party!

Our May 11th event will be catered by Frau Kemmling and we will also have our very own private beer bar and servers. Dinner will be served buffet style so guests can roam about and socialize without having to be stuck sitting down. This very casual event will be the perfect setting for this murder mystery to unfold!

Here is the menu… try not to drool too much…

May 11 Menu.jpg

Go East, Young Man

The Curse of the Immortal Emperor!

Assembled with help from experts in Chinese art and history, The Curse of the Immortal Emperor transports you back to the 3rd century B.C.E., where Emperor Qin has tasked his most brilliant alchemists with finding the elixir of life, granting its imbiber with eternal life. Will you be blessed or cursed? You’ll find out this summer!