Go East, Young Man

Zombie Outbreak is iminent...

What better way to introduce the Rogue Valley to our first fully original story in the Stumpt! Universe, than to debut at Pear Blossom?! We are so excited to show off one of the things we’ve been working so hard on, and we think you guys are really going to dig it.

Zombie Outbreak Mobile Escape Room - Debuting at Pear Blossom April 12th

Zombie Outbreak Mobile Escape Room - Debuting at Pear Blossom April 12th

Zombie Outbreak is a Mobile Escape Room, which is why we are able to bring it to the Pear Blossom Street Fair. You and up to four others will have 15 minutes to solve the unique and challenging puzzles in an attempt to stop the Zombie Outbreak. You’ll play the part of a scientist from the Department of Disease Control, running experiments as quickly as you can. As a Stumpt! game, you know you’ll have a live actor as part of the fully-immersive experience.

Zombie Outbreak’s next stops are Medford Comic Con on April 27th, and Meadowlark Comic Con on May 11th, then off to Boatnik in Grants Pass May 23rd through May 27th. It’s going to be available for private parties as well!

We’re adding another permanent room!

Coming this summer - a 100% Stumpt! original story...

A 60-minute fully immersive Escape Room…

The Curse of the Immortal Emperor!

Assembled with help from experts in Chinese art and history, The Curse of the Immortal Emperor transports you back to the 3rd century B.C.E., where Emperor Qin has tasked his most brilliant alchemists with finding the elixir of life, granting its imbiber with eternal life. Will you be blessed or cursed? You’ll find out this summer! You’ll find out this summer!

We couldn’t be more pleased with how this project is coming along. This will be our first chance to bring that full 60-minute Escape Room experience with the production value that will make you feel as if you’ve been transported back over 2,000 years. We have collected high quality props, costumes, decorations, and oh yeah… puzzles! If you think you’ve seen everything an Escape Room has to offer because you’ve decoded a few 4-digit codes, you’ll be blown away this summer when you play the authentic, challenging, FUN Stumpt! Original Escape Room - The Curse of The Immortal Emperor!

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