Welcome to stumpt.fun!

Here we are! Finally!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves... We are Evan & Elizabeth Wilson.

This is us:

Our first round of fundraising for start-up capital was a great success.

We are a fun-loving, happily married couple with immense enthusiasm for escape rooms and the blossoming escape game industry.

Is this your first time hearing about escape rooms? Or maybe you're still not clear on what they are? That's okay. I had no idea what an escape room was until I met my darling wife, Elizabeth. Chances are good you'll be hooked just like I was! We'll be posting a lot in the coming weeks about escape rooms and the many reasons we love them. But first, more about us and our brand Stumpt!...

Stumpt! Escape Games is a rockstar collaboration between husband & wife duo Evan & Elizabeth Wilson.

Elizabeth is a woman of many talents. An amazing vocalist who has shared the stage with the likes of Carl Anderson (Jesus Christ Superstar), Cornelius Bumpus (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan), and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses), she is also a stage actress, artist extraordinaire, math whiz, and all-around genius. I kinda like her a little bit. In addition to her many artistic talents, Elizabeth is a puzzle and game enthusiast and even has experience managing an escape room business. Originally from California, Elizabeth has resided in the Rogue Valley for six years.

As for myself, I am a bit of an entrepreneur and international man of mystery. An Oregon native and alum of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, I have also lived in Munich where I spent two years cultivating a deep appreciation for beer and the German language. I have been a freelance translator ever since. I am also the founder of The Rogue Valley Messenger and experienced in event planning and live music production.

We live in Medford with my five-year-old son and our three miniature dachsunds (don't worry, many pictures to come). Plus, we just became grandparents as of August 25! This is our home and we are beyond excited to contribute something extraordinarily fun and thrilling to our community. We hope to be the source of many memories for you and your family. 

Thanks for stopping by. Please stay tuned as we share more about our plans!

Hasta la pasta,

Evan & Elizabeth