We want your feedback!

Good Monday Morning!

I'm not usually this chipper at 5:30 am, but this is going to be a very special (and busy) week. Yesterday, Elizabeth and I filmed a short video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, compliments of our good friend, John Wing.

We decided to run a crowdfunding campaign not only to increase our pool of resources for our first project -- Zombie Outbreak -- but also to involve our community in the process of creating this fun and fresh entertainment experience for the Rogue Valley. After all, the process of creating this escape room is going to be just as much fun (maybe even more for us) as the game itself. Plus, we have some really cool ideas for how to reward backers. We think they're cool, anyway. And we want to be absolutely sure you will think they're cool too.

So, we'd like to ask you what you think about the rewards we're proposing. Of course, our actual campaign page will provide detailed information, including about the storyline and gameplay behind Zombie Outbreak, as well as samples of the original artwork we are creating. Assume that the artwork is fantastic and that each reward is the highest possible quality. Based on this, 1) do you find the rewards enticing? 2) Are they priced correctly (a good value)? 3) Do you have any ideas for fun, creative (and enticing) prizes?

We would really like to know what you think! Comment below or send us an email to contact@stumpt.fun

Thank you in advance for your support! And be sure to lookout for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign!



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