Setting the foundation

Hello Again, Stumpt! Fans,

Two posts in one day! Thanks are gettin’ crazzzzzy around here...

It’s only been one week since Elizabeth and I introduced Stumpt! Escape Games to the world, but we have been working on this project for about nine months already! So, what have we been up to all this time?

Well, some of our energy has been devoted to typical start-up activities like writing a detailed business plan that never seems to be finished, toiling over a perfect name and logo, crunching numbers, and hunting for an ideal location for our first set of stationary escape rooms.

Our primary focus, however, has been defining who we wish to be as a company and what we seek to offer our customers. It’s always been clear that we want to create a company that people love and that makes a positive impact in our community. This is the ultimate purpose of Stumpt! Setting such abstract goals is easy and the paths forward are plentiful, however. The real question is: where do we begin?


Evan & Elizabeth after finishing “Escape from Georgetown Morgue” in Seattle.

Elizabeth and I started developing our brand by talking about core values like commitment, dependability, honesty, and trustworthiness – the first foundational layer of any successful company. A foundation to which we’ve added four core values Elizabeth and I share in common: we love to have fun, we love to adventure, we love a good challenge, and we love the reward that comes from achieving a goal, be it the satisfaction of solving a riddle or (hopefully!) receiving rave reviews for our escape games. These four core values apply to us as a company and our customers simultaneously: Creating Stumpt! is sure to be every bit as fun, adventurous, challenging, and rewarding as a Stumpt! escape game!

These principles have helped us not only develop our brand and logo, but are also the basis for a specific 5-point strategy for success:

1) creative and immersive storylines: our escape games will all be part of a constantly expanding and fantastical universe that pulls players into a world of fantasy and endless imagination,

2) novel and unique gameplay: most of our puzzles, clues, and props will be customized or created from scratch (no generic props you’ve already come across in other escape rooms)

3) live actors: our game “hosts” will be live actors who play a character in the storyline (no walkie talkies or TV screens delivering clues, 100% human-to-human interaction)

4) new & changing games: as soon as we launch one game, we are already working on the next so we can continually deliver new and improved games

5) outstanding customer service: last, but certainly not least, we will excel at customer service. The Stumpt! experience begins before a player enters the escape room, and never ends!

We’ll discuss all of these points on an ongoing basis. Mostly, we’re just excited to SHOW you what we know we can do. If all goes as planned, we will begin testing Zombie Outbreak in about a month from now, just in time to launch for Halloween. Until then, we’ll continue to introduce ourselves and tell you more about our vision for Stumpt!