Time to start building Zombie Outbreak!


I am so excited for today! For this week!

Elizabeth and I have been working on Stumpt! Escape Games for nine months and we are about to start building our first escape room! A mobile game was not what we originally envisioned when we began this journey. The focus of our business plan and overall concept has been opening a permanent location with two to four escape rooms, an endeavor that poses formidable financing and real estate challenges, of course. Challenges we are chipping away at, but that will still take some time to work out. So, in the meantime, we decided to design and build a mobile escape room that can be transported from event to event, and backyard to backyard. As for the concept and story behind “Zombie Outbreak”, we will be posting a lot more information and teasers over the coming weeks!

We have an immense amount of work in front of us if we want to launch Zombie Outbreak in time for Halloween. Things are really starting to come together, though! Artwork is commissioned (one piece is done already!), our website is up and running (obviously, you’re on it right now!), and we've finalized the plans for constructing Zombie Outbreak and are starting to purchase materials! We will be posting our sketches and story boards on our Kickstarter page and this website soon!

But what is most exciting about today is that we will “soft” launch our Kickstarter campaign later today! Our friends and visitors to our website will be able to check out our project and the rewards we have posted. We’ll be collecting feedback and asking for some initial support. Once we have the content really ironed out, we will be pushing the campaign out into the far reaches of the Rogue Valley (and beyond)! I am so excited about this campaign! The rewards offer so many opportunities to become involved in our project in really fun ways! And we are already having fun creating them! Once we launch, we would love your feedback and your support, even just a few bucks to show you care or shares with your friends online. Links will be updated here once we launch and will also be found on our homepage and social media pages!

Thank you for following our projects and…

Hasta la Pasta!

Evan & Elizabeth