Casino Fatale — Murder Mystery Game

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Casino Fatale Instagram (1080x1080).jpg

Casino Fatale — Murder Mystery Game

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Casino Fatale is a murder mystery game for 15–33 guests and one or two hosts. The game takes place in modern day at a glamorous casino in Paris. Featuring espionage, jewel heists, intrigue, and murder! 

Suggested age group: 18+ due to adult content

Includes an approximately equal number of male, female, and gender-neutral characters.

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Your package will contain the following contents:

  • Individual character booklets for the selected number of players

  • Name badges and lanyards for each character

  • Item cards and money, if applicable, for each player

  • Detailed instruction manual for the host

  • All handouts and additional print outs needed to play the game

You will also receive the following digital materials after placing your order:

  • Digital instruction manual for the host for reading before your event as well for use during your event in lieu of the printed instruction manual

  • A digital reading file for the host including all character booklets for a thorough understanding of the game prior to hosting

  • Character assignment worksheet and character descriptions for assigning characters to your guests in advance plus email templates for sending character assignments and costume tips

  • Email invitation template 


  • We provide a different version of each theme for the specific group size you have selected. We do not offer add-on character packs if your group size grows beyond your original purchase. The game would need to be returned and replaced with a new version (see our return policy)

  • If you, the Purchaser, will be playing the game rather than hosting, DO NOT read the host’s instruction manual or reading file. Instead, pass them immediately to the game host.

Return Policy

We only accept returns if the original game packaging is intact. Opened game packs are not eligible for returns, sorry, no exceptions. As long as the original packaging is intact, we will refund your purchase or replace your game with another group size or theme under the following conditions:

  • The refund/replacement is requested within 10 business days of the delivery date; after 10 business days, the items are considered accepted and refunds/replacements are not possible

  • The items are returned intact to Stumpt! within 30 business days of the requested refund/replacement

  • Once the game box has been opened, refunds/replacements are not possible

  • Return shipments are at the expense of the Purchaser

  • Adequate processing and shipping time is expected for replacement orders; rush orders may be possible on a case by case basis and the Purchaser may be subject to a rush fee and/or additional shipping costs for such replacement orders