Self-Host Murder Mystery Games from Stumpt!

In partnership with Freeform Games, Stumpt! provides enhanced game materials for mail order or pick-up from our escape room location in Medford, Oregon. Murder mysteries are a thrilling and memorable experience for birthday parties, office parties, team-building, or just an excuse to have fun with friends!

We provide you with all of the materials for hosting and playing the game as well as useful prep tools for the host. This includes:

  • Unique character booklets for each guest including item cards and name badges

  • Printed & digital hosting instructions for the host

  • Graphics for invitations and email templates

  • Useful character assignment tools and hosting tips

  • A digital reading file so the host can start learning about the game immediately.

Learn more about hosting responsibilities. We also offer a party hosting service in some markets. Learn more >>>

Current Self-Host Themes Available