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Casino Fatale - An Interactive Murder Mystery Party


Stumpt! Mystery Parties presents Casino Fatale, an interactive murder mystery party set in modern day Paris, France. This is a 21+ event.


Casino Fatale is the sexiest hot spot in Paris for the crustiest upper crust to blow off some steam and flaunt their wealth in the name of fun. But not all is peachy keen under the glitter and glam. Sinister figures beholden to an underground world of crime and corruption put on pretty faces to scrape a fortune from the absurdly rich and moderately famous… and they’ll do anything to keep the cash flowing...

Tonight, Casino Fatale is hosting a charity auction to benefit a local orphanage. But overshadowing the joyous occassion is the recent murder of the respected and revered Professor Havelott, a regular at Casino Fatale. It’s also rumored the mysterious and ruthless crime lord Mr. X will be here tonight, worrisome but perhaps a chance to finally reveal his identity. And with so much lavish jewelry up for auction, the event is sure to attract a jewel thief or two…

Join us at Casino Fatale for an evening of alliances, black mail, thievery, and… murder!

**How the game works**

Each participant will be assigned a unique character with their own goals, secrets, clues, and abilities – and not all goals are compatible. If one person achieves their objectives, another may fail!

Guests can form alliances, blackmail each other, steal items and casino chips, and maybe even try to fight one another.

Along the way they may uncover some of the secrets of Casino Fatale, like: Who is Mr. X? Who is stealing jewelry? Who killed Professor Havelott and where are his plans for a nuclear device? Who is the ‘Black Panther’? And is the casino really up for sale? Join us to find out!

Costumes are not required, but are certainly encouraged.

Guests who purchase their tickets and complete our brief questionnaire in their ticket confirmation email at least 72 hours in advance will receive a unique character assignment no later than 48 hours before the event. We cannot guarantee character assignments will be sent in advance for tickets purchased 72 hours or less before the event. In this case, the ticket purchaser will receive their character at the start of the event. 

All guests will have 30-40 minutes to read through their character booklets and learn about their character. Tickets will be on sale until sold out or up until the event start time.

Guests can take our brief Murder Mystery Persona survey before or after purchasing tickets to help us cast your character:

**List of Characters**

Sam Riley: the casino manager

Jo Knowall: a croupier

Felicity Phillips: a cabaret dancer

Chris Rowan: a croupier

Ralph Anderson: a local nightclub bouncer

Pat Bullitt: ex-army, now runs a security firm

Ashley Bunsen: a scientist, a regular visitor to the casino

Countess Alice de Ville: wealthy, beautiful, and widowed

Donovan Jones: a well-known Bohemian poet

Dominique Renard: the owner of an international shipping business

Jack Bland: An international shipping operative

Lord James T. Burke: a rich English playboy

Lady Matilda Burke: younger sister of Lord James

Andre Couvert: a tourist en route to Switzerland

Eva Goodbody: a freelance reporter from New York

Alex Kirk: a former racing driver and minor celebrity

Selina Skye: a successful jewelry designer

John Smith: rich tourist rumored to be a millionaire lottery winner

Anna Upanova: a wealthy lady of leisure

Zara Zirconoff: a starlet

Lucia Venditti: Italian tourist here on honeymoon

Valentino Venditti: Italian tourist here on honeymoon

Detective Natalie Bois: a police detective assisting Inspector Leclou

Inspector Freddie Leclou: an experienced police detective

Sergeant Armand Blanc: police detective, works for Inspector Leclou

Drew Daniels: sound engineer

Sabrina Devereux: assistant to George Neville

George Neville: director of the film crew

Sandy Stone: journalist and presenter

Joss “Woody” Woodrow: camera operator

**Food & Beverages**

Tickets do not include food or beverages. Henry’s full menu and beverages will be available for purchase. PLEASE NOTE: Because we will be hosting this event in a private space at Henry’s, a gratuity of 18% will automatically be applied to each tab. 

**Age Restrictions**

This event is restricted to guests ages 21 and older.

**Contact & Additional Info**

Contact Stumpt! Escape Games with questions or to purchase tickets by phone - / 541-930-7711

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Casino Fatale is copyright © 2005, 2016 Freeform Games LLP

Artwork & graphics are copyright © 2019 Stumpt! Escape Games LLC

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