The Last Straw

Game length: 60 minutes

Number of players: 2-8

Difficulty: easy-moderate

Who should play: teams, adults, teens, kids 6+

Location: 828 S Central Avenue, Medford

Story: While on a stroll down a sunny country lane, a fresh breeze blows a tattered note across the road. “Help, I’m stuck in Farmer Ken’s barn”. Like a good neighbor, you head to the farm at the end of the dirt road to help and what you find is... quite curious.

The Last Straw contains puzzles that will challenge even the brainiest of adults, but is also an absolute blast for kids and teens. Created with materials scavenged from an actual barn, this room does not contain a single padlock. Instead, players must find and group like objects to solve a series of fun (and sometimes downright silly) puzzles. If you are looking for family bonding time and have younger children, this is the perfect escape room!

This game was designed and built by Escape Key. Stumpt! Escape Games assumed its operation on December 1, 2018. Escape Key offers this escape room at other locations around North America. Game play is similar, but not identical to other The Crash games created by Escape Key.