We are Evan & Elizabeth Wilson, Rogue Valley residents and the creators of a new company called Stumpt! Escape Games.

Evan is a German translator and founder of the Rogue Valley Messenger. Elizabeth is a thespian and artist. We are escape room enthusiasts, parents, travellers, foodies, karaoke junkies, and dog lovers.

We are entering the escape room business because we LOVE escape rooms and we are creators. Nothing sounds more fun and rewarding to us than creating.



Mission & Keys to Success

Our mission at Stumpt! is to create memorable escape room experiences with maximum WOW factor. We will accomplish this through:

1) rich, detailed storylines from the imaginations of Evan & Elizabeth Wilson (and their awesome friends, supporters, and collaborators who have already helped so much), 

2) novel and clever gameplay with many puzzles, clues, and props you won't find in other escape rooms (because we will build and customize so many of our own), 

3) live actors in character to help or hinder you depending on the game (we're going to create jobs for local actors, y'all!)

4) last, but certainly not least, we will excel at customer service. The Stumpt! experience begins before a player enters the escape room, and never ends! 

Did you get excited? Have a look and know more about our Escape Rooms.